Contemporary renovations and beautiful, modern residential architecture

Contemporary renovations and beautiful, modern residential architecture

Why we are committing to Active House

You can find us listed on the Active House website now. The Dutch skylight maker Velux is behind this important and exciting new way of making inspired, small-batch, high-performance spaces. We are looking to start a movement!

We at makeArchitecture love Design and think that the baseline begins with a rigorous Sustainability that is integrated with the design from the start. That's why we are committing to Active House. What do we mean? Please look at the two examples. The one immediately below has an inverted hip roof that collects rainwater and it dramatically falls through an opening in the roof from full view of the kitchen window. The commercial and residential space in Logan Square incorporates an existing reinforced concrete foundation leftover from an unfinished condo building. How much carbon did we save from reusing the foundation? Stay tuned for more...


The RADAR is the basis for measuring the performance of a building using Active House.



We think that Active House is a better sustainable choice because it gives credence to the fact that our dwellings are more than the sum of technical requirements or a checklist. It is an integrated system that takes daylighting, design and a low carbon footprint with equal concern. A great deal more to follow. Please stay tuned...